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I love everything with rhytm and style. I love to entertain people. I love to fulfill your musical wishes.

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Dj Matúš Vē

My name is Matúš Vaško. I have been DJing for many years now. Personally, I am a musician with
my body and soul. By making music and experimenting I have come to the conclusion that DJ-ing is
the right thing to do for me. In my beginnings I played in a small café just to create the “background”
(Minimal, Ambient, Deep House), yet later I started to play music more commercially: mainly for
dancing clubs and discos. I gradually became a DJ for private parties. Through my work I have the
opportunity to discover new places, to get know many new interesting people and to make a creative
musical multi-genre mixes customized for my clients. I do not like to restrict the music style at all. I love dancing, Rock’n’Roll, Swing, Latino, RnB, Funky, Deep House, Progressive or rock music on which I grew up with my band on …
I am very pleased to see my guests literally excited to hear a song that reminds them of their
memories of youth or just singing and dancing wildly.
I enjoy the combination of wedding musical traditions with a modern style, highlighted by a great light and stage effects and a refined selection of good music.

I will offer you an unforgettable dance mix at your dance party or wedding. There is no chance
anybody of your guests will remain sitting on their chairs!

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I am looking forward to your guests.
My portfolio includes wedding parties, company or private events.

We are also provide services in
the dance floor or stage lightings and sound equipment.